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How to add 5-10k+/month in Revenue for any Business in under 30 days using our Private, "Voting Based", List Growth Strategy.

Friday, March 29th at 12:00PM - 1:00PM EST

Ready to go behind-the-scenes and discover one of the most guarded digital marketing and digital agency secrets?

You've heard it 100x before.

"The money is in the list. "
What you may not have figured out yet is how to build that list like the professionals do.

So how in the world do you put 500, 1000, 15,000, or more potential buyer leads on an email/sms list fast?
It's the secret behind how you can turn any business (both online and local) into a money making machine in the span of 30-60 days and this week, we're going to show you a lead generation technique that will make building those big list easier than you've ever imagined... using a special "voting mechanic".

On the call you're going to learn:

  Part 1: The Digital Agency Owner's "List Building Problem".
You'll Learn the Startling Reason why most Digital Agency Owners never really buy into building a list for their clients (even through it's one of the most profitable services to provide to their clients dollar for dollar) and how it keeps them from making real money and scaling their Agency.

  Part 2:  Why Giveaways and Freebies can be a Hard Sell to Small Business Owners.

You'll discover the reason why so many small business owners are so reluctant to give away discounts and why pdf downloads are such a slow way of building your list (and the secret to getting around this and hacking your way to a huge local list for your clients).

  Part 3: The "Voter Money Lead System" 

You'll get a never before seen look at the strategy that we're using to grow local and online list rapidly using the power of "getting people's opinions" on topics they are passionate about and a unique voting technology.

  Part 4:  10k/Month by Licensing out Your Own Vote based Lead Gen System.

You'll Learn exactly how to Build 10k+/Month in Recurring Revenue in Your Digital Agency by licensing out Your own "Vote Based" Lead Gen System.

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