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[Sell this to Local Business Owners on Black Friday]

Discover the Powerful System behind how we've been hacking social media to make our local business clients go viral and increase their monthly revenue by 65-73% in under 30 days.

(and how we've been making a fortune selling this as an agency service)

Wed, Nov 8, 2023 1:00PM - 2:00PM CDT

Ready to turn this Year's "Black Friday" into your own personal windfall and set up 2024 to be your Biggest Year Yet?

This powerful system is one of the easiest ways we've ever signed on recurring clients. 

All you have to do is send a small business owner a link via email so they can test it out and they'll be beating down your door to set up this service for them. 

Why have business owners been going nuts over this?

Because it exposes a loophole in how people use Social Media to get the business a ton of exposure and make sales fast.

On the call you're going to learn:
1) The Social Media Loophole that we discovered in early 2023 that has helped us kill it for our local clients this year.
2) The "Stair-Step-Giveaway" Method and how it Guarantees that every Local Client goes viral and gets big results.
3) Exactly how to pitch this unique service on Black Friday (and beyond) using a simple "show and tell email" template.
4) How you can set up your first "Viral Local Business Campaign" and turn it into 10k/month in under 45 days.

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