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Dr Sam Magellan wasn't always obsessed with healthcare and being the best Chiropractor he could be. He started out just like all of us do. 

Something happened to him when he was 8 years old, however, that changed everything...

When Sam was 8, he started having headaches. These headaches were intense and caused him to miss a ton of school. At the peak, he was missing about a 1-2 days of school every single week. His mother was worried and took him to several medical doctors. None of them seemed to be able to identify what the problem was that was causing the headaches.

Dr Sam's parents were growing increasingly worried and as a last resort, they took Sam to a local Chiropractor that a friend had recommended. Within a few days of seeing the Chiropractor, Dr Sam's headaches were gone.

From that day, Dr Sam became interested in what Chiropractic was all about. After he graduated from Jonesboro High School, he went to college to become a Chiropractor. He was fascinated with the fact that he help people get over the same kinds of problems he had without the use the drugs and medications.

While studying to become a Chiropractor, Dr Sam became fascinated with the various kinds of headaches that people experience because of their work, their lifestyle, and they built in DNA. He became an expert at headaches and getting rid of them using Chiropractic.

Dr Sam moved to Jonesboro to serve his town once he graduated and has passionately been helping the community here every since.

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