Riverside.fm (Our Secret Weapon) | Serial Progress Seeker

What is Riverside.fm and why do we love it?

One of the secret weapons behind the Serial Progress Seeker podcast is an app that we use to do two very important things.

1) Record all 3 of our host talking to each other from different locations.

2) Record all of our guest from their computer or cell phone.

Riverside.fm allows us to do this gracefully in a way that Zoom or Gotowebinar can't.


Why do we use Riverside.fm (instead of Zoom or Gotowebinar) to Record our Podcast Hosts and all of our Guest from a Distance?

Riverside.fm is built specifically for the needs of podcasters and it has a few unique tech advantages when doing podcast.

The Advantages of using Riverside.fm over Zoom or Gotowebinar.

A) A Genius way of Getting Top Quality for Each Participant
The Recordings of your Podcast are done locally on each of the participant's devices so that the quality stays high. Other meeting platforms record everything in the cloud or on the host's device. This causes issues with the audio and video quality of all of the other participants. Riverside records everything on each participant's device and then uploads all of the recording to it's services for processing after the session.

B) Automatic transcription of your Podcast.
Every time you do a podcast recording session, your audio is transcribed automatically. This is great for show notes without you having to put in a ton of extra effort.

C) Convenient Phone Apps for your Guest to Record on the Go.
Riverside.fm has apps that make it easy for your guest to record on the go no matter where they are and get a top quality version of their interview. While the app isn't needed (Riverside generates easy to use links for any guest to join), it's a great option to deliver a top notch experience to any guest.

D) Audience Streaming
Want to stream your podcast recording session to Facebook, Youtube, or Twitch and have a live audience? Riverside.fm makes that super easy.

Our Big Bonus for Signing up for Riverside.fm Now

If you sign up for Riverside.fm using the link below in the next 36 hours, we'll also include a very special bonus.

You'll get access to our "The $5k/month Podcast" Workshop.
Inside of this special workshop, we walk you through the steps to taking your podcast from Zero listeners all the way to $5k/month in revenue.

This Special Bonus is only available to those who sign up through the link below.


How do you claim your bonus from Ben and the Serial Progress Seeker Team after you get Riverside.fm?

To claim your spot inside of the "$5k/month Podcast Workshop" all you need to do is send a screenshot of your receipt from Riverside.fm to us at our support desk. We'll get you access within 2 business days of receiving your receipt.