Million Dollar Backpack Book | Serial Progress Seeker

The Real Story of how a Chiropractor Escaped his Office by Using his Expertise to Build an Online Based Business...

...That He Runs from a Backpack as He Travels the World.


Who Should Read This Book?

Million Dollar Backpack is Perfect for:

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...Private Practice owners who are tired of being confined to their office walls and a 9-5 schedule and want the freedom to grow their business on their own time. 

They're ready to build an international business by selling their expertise online to people who are already looking for their help.

...Brick and Mortar Business owners who are tired of limiting their customer base to only their local market. 

They're ready to breakaway from the traditional 1-on-1 model and instead, rapidly grow  their business by selling 1-to-Many.

...Smart Entrepreneurs who are ready to put their expertise into a format that can be sold and delivered 24/7, even when they've stepped away from their computer to enjoy life. 

They're ready to streamline their business into a sustainable model that supports ongoing growth and unlimited potential.

What will You learn inside

The Book?


Chapter 1:

Are You Really Ready for a Change?

First, it's important to know if you are a good fit for a Digital Business and whether your expertise translates well into the online space.

During this first chapter, we'll outline core features that are required to build a successful online, expertise-based business and whether your personal expertise can successfully turned into a 6-7 figure per year empire.

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