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Arkansas based Entrepreneur reveals the Secret behind how he makes 6 figures a year writing reviews for Niche Products in his weekly emails.

...and how anyone can get the same results with just a laptop and a coffeeshop internet connection.

There's probably one of us sitting in your favorite coffeeshop right now and you would never know it...

I'm talking about someone that makes their full time living from their laptop.  And most likely, they make more income every year than your Doctor or Lawyer.

How does a business like this even work?

Hi, my name is Ben Adkins and over last decade I've made millions of dollars with a laptop and an internet connection. 


I'm not an online influencer. 

You won't see my face anywhere on your Youtube or TikTok Feeds. As a matter of fact, if you saw me sitting next to you randomly in your favorite coffeeshop this week, you wouldn't recognize me.

The reason being is that I don't make my living by doing what people think of when they think of someone who makes their money online. What I do to make a living online is much simpler, less time consuming, and way more laid back

The best part is... 
I'm not some computer genius. I'm not even that smart of a guy. I just found something simple that works and I repeat the same steps over and over again. It's worked for the last decade and it will continue to work for the next 10 years too.

So... what is it that I do to make money every day online?

I make money by sending emails to people just like you.

My typical day looks something like this...

I wake up in the morning around 11AM. 
I roll out of bed, grab a shower, kiss my wife, and then head to my favorite coffee shop. From there I grab a coffee, and sit down at a table. 

I open my laptop and write an email.

Within a few hours of hitting send, I have an extra $100, $500, or $5000 sitting in my bank account.

I earn this money every week because when I send an email, thousands of people are waiting to read it. This is the case because I've spent time building up an email list that is full of people that are passionate about certain topics, have money to spend, and want to hear what I think about a product before they spend their money.

In short, they wait on my email to buy a product because they want to hear my review of it first.

So how in the world do I build these email lists of people that are waiting on my special reviews?

Let me explain how I build these email lists from scratch...

  • Step 1:
    I use social media (things like popular facebook groups) to find where these folks are already hanging out and having a discussion about the topics that they are into.

  • Step 2:
    I hang out in the group and figure out what kind of information they are looking for before they buy the products that they are interested in.

  • Step 3:
    I put together a signup page that promises that I'll review the products first so that they can see my review before they buy.

  • Step 4:
    I check out the product, do a review, and send that review out via email to all of the people that have signed up for my reviews (this is usually thousands at once and you'll see how I build these list in a second).

  • Step 5:
    Everyone who buys using the links I have after my email reviews qualify me for a commission (a percentage of the money spent on the product).

I've used this formula to build profitable email list for the last 10 years and I've made millions of dollars in commissions doing it.


I'd like to share the exact step-by-step process that I use to build these profitable email lists full of passionate buyers and how I leverage that passion into money in my bank account every week.

I'm excited to invite you inside of a very special training program where I document how I build these profitable email list and make money every week sending the subscribers Reviews of Products that they already want to buy.

It's called 

"Your Magic Email List"...


Inside, I'm going to walk you through the process that you can start using tomorrow to grow an email list from scratch that is filled with people that are passionate about a topic and ready to buy a product based on your recommendation.

You're going to learn the strategies that I've used for years to find a niche audience from scratch, get them excited to sign up for your email list, open up your emails, and then buy the products you recommend (while you make a healthy commission).

You'll learn exactly how to start from the ground floor and build an email list of 1000 people in a short period of time, just by leveraging social networks and hot topics that attract people that are ready to buy from you.

What you're going to learn inside of "Your Magic Email List"


Part 1: 
The List Size to Money Ratio Explained.

In this section, You'll learn the powerful method that we use to build a list that makes consistent income (and a lot more per month that the standard $1 per subscriber).


Part 2: 
The Magic Reviewer List Building Technique.

In this section, You'll learn the secret technique that anyone can use to build a profitable following and how we make sure that people on that list are excited to open every single email we send.

I'll show you how to build an email list and make money by becoming a "trusted reviewer".


Part 3: 
How to set up the perfect Option Page. 

You'll learn exactly how to build the perfect optin page that is both simple, elegant, and high converting (even if no one knows who you are).


Part 4: 
The Weekly Email Campaign Format.

You'll discover the exact email campaign format that will have readers eating out of your hand and hanging on every word (and how we get people to buy the offer at the end).


Part 5: 
How to 5x Revenue with the “Bonus Magic Trick”.

Once you've mastered the core strategy, you're going to want to start making more money for every subscriber on your list. In this section, you'll learn how to 3-5x the amount of money you make every month on each subscriber by adding in something special to each of your emails.


About the Workshop Creator

Ben Adkins is a digital business-based business owner and online entrepreneur. He ran a successful brick-and-mortar business for years and then moved on to create a successful digital agency and online mentorship business. Ben has been invited to speak all over the world and has been a digital marketing leader for over a decade.


Dr. Ben's programs are not for tire kickers or to just see the inside of the member's area. Dr. Ben's programs have helped to build multi-million dollar companies all over the world. These programs are for serious entrepreneurs with real businesses. With that said, we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee instead of the typical 30-day guarantee. This is because we want you to have plenty of time to go through the program and put it into action. 

If, after you've gone through the full program and taken action, it's still not a fit, we are more than happy to buy the program back from you if you submit a request before 60 days.

Contact us using the support link below for details.


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