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[Big Money Friday] 
Go Behind-the-Scenes and discover the 3 Foot-in-the-Door Strategies that have been getting us tons of agency clients over the last 6 months (and you can make a killing with them going into 2024).

Fri, Nov 17th, 2023 11:00AM - 12:00PM CDT

Ready to get more digital agency clients than you've ever had before?
Want to get them without having to do a ton of fulfillment work?

Join Dr Ben Adkins this Friday as he walks you through 3  "Foot-in-the-Door" Strategies that have been killing it for his agency in the last 6 months and discover exactly how you can use these to stack a ton of new agency customers in the next 60 days.

On the call you're going to learn:

1) Why having a real foot-in-the-door strategy is the secret to getting as many clients as you can handle (most people mess this up).
2) The exact types of clients that you need to go after with these foot-in-the-door strategies (and how we turn them into 5-10k/year clients).
3) The 3 foot-in-the-door strategies that we've been killing it with in the last 6 months (Steal these right now).
4) How to turn these 3 strategies into 10-20k/month in revenue in the next 60 days (you can have your first 1-5 clients in the next 2 weeks).

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