#102: How to Build a Podcast Agency from an RV featuring Richard Matthews

#102: How to Build a Podcast Agency from an RV featuring Richard Matthews

12 Jun, 2023

Many people dream of building the kind of life that provides the freedom to travel the world while making great money and spending time with loved ones. Today’s episode of the podcast features a guest who’s done just that. Richard Matthews has been able to build a wildly successful podcast agency, PushButtonPodcasts, assisting podcasters everywhere in creating and sharing the kind of content that serves as a marketing tool for their business to drive attention, awareness and authority. 

Notable links from this episode:

Richard Matthews is the founder of PushButtonPodcasts, a full service post production company built to help businesses build strategic influence in their space in a leveraged way. Learn more at https://pushbuttonpodcasts.com/

Richard was kind enough to share some valuable documents for podcasters with our listeners, so we have included those below:

1 - Studio Setup Resources

2 - Content Planning & Outline Resources

You can connect with Richard through the following channels:

- Website: https://richardmatthews.me/

- Facebook: https://RichardMatthews.me/go/facebook  

- Instagram: https://RichardMatthews.me/go/instagram 

- Twitter: https://RichardMatthews.me/go/twitter  

- TikTok: https://RichardMatthews.me/go/tiktok

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