#100: How We Build a Money-Making Podcast Every Week

#100: How We Build a Money-Making Podcast Every Week

29 May, 2023

We are excited and honored to bring you this 100th episode of the Serial Progress Seeker podcast. To celebrate, Ben, Tabitha and Marshall put together this extensive walkthrough of the daily process our team follows to produce and monetize the podcast while highlighting some strategies and goals for growth in the future.

Notable links from this episode:

Ben referenced an earlier episode of the podcast that taught the team a lot about the ability to work and plan ahead. You can check out that episode here: https://serialprogressseeker.com/episode/078-how-my-business-kept-going-when-i-got-hurt

The SPS podcast team uses an amazing tool called Trello to keep everything organized to produce this podcast, as mentioned on this episode. You can learn about Trello here: https://trello.com/

When speaking about creating graphics for the podcast, Tabitha mentioned the awesome tool we use called Carbon Copy. You can check that out at http://serialprogressseeker.com/carboncopy

Ben also referenced the service the team uses to record each week’s podcast, called Riverside.fm. You can learn more about that service here: https://riverside.fm/.
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