#085: How to Forge Relationships that Span the Globe & Impact Your Career featuring Osi Imomoh

#085: How to Forge Relationships that Span the Globe & Impact Your Career featuring Osi Imomoh

13 Feb, 2023

When it comes to friends and family, it is no surprise that relationships are at the base of so much of our everyday lives. What may not be clear (and what we need to be acutely aware of), is the real impact that the relationships we develop have on both our personal and professional lives. In this episode, we talk to Osi Imomoh, President & General Manager of Southland Casino about how relationships have taken him across the globe for some amazing work.

Notable links from this episode:

Osi Imomoh is the President & General Manager of Southland Casino in West Memphis, AR, the largest entertainment destination in the Mid-South region of the US. You can check it out here: https://www.southlandcasino.com/.

Southland Casino is owned and operated by parent company, Delaware North, a global leader in hospitality and food service management. Learn more about Delaware North here: https://www.delawarenorth.com/.


00:00 Intro
05:37 What Makes Today’s Guest a Serial Progress Seeker
08:40 Osi’s “Coming to America” Story
16:13 How Relationships Can Change Your World
28:40 The Transition from the Deli Counter to the Kitchen (and Beyond)
37:52 How Relationships Put Osi Where He Is Today
41:34 The Moments that Really Stand Out in Life & Business
45:47 What’s Going On at Southland Casino Plus a Special Offer

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