#083: How to Turn Fear into Motivation

#083: How to Turn Fear into Motivation

30 Jan, 2023

More often than we probably like to admit, we let fear, among other factors, dictate how much we’re willing to push ourselves both personally and professionally. But what happens when we’re able to convert that fear into motivation? Ben, Tabitha and Marshall discuss that and a lot more on this episode.

Notable links from this episode:

Ben talked about some specific lyrics from a song that he really identifies with in regards to fear. It’s a song called “Expectations” by Katie Pruitt and you can check it out at https://youtu.be/mG1JsSh951U.

Ben also mentioned an audio book he’s checking out right now that he alluded to the topic of avoidance when dealing with fear. Learn more about the book here: https://thirddoorbook.com/.


00:00 Intro
04:37 The Definition of Fear
13:50 Understanding the Difference Between Fear & an Activity’s ROI
28:12 The Topic of Avoidance and How it Relates to Combatting Fear
37:20 How to Fight The Fear that Can Accompany a Backpack Lifestyle
45:12 Manifesting Motivation from What Scares You

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