#075: How to Ignite Your Business through Video

#075: How to Ignite Your Business through Video

28 Nov, 2022

Video hasn’t killed this radio star. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Using video methods to capture your audience’s attention has quite possibly never had a higher premium than it does right now. Listen in as the guys talk about some of the great ways businesses can use video to supercharge their profits.

Notable links from this episode:

Dr. Ben’s Facebook Edge Rank Video - Dr. Ben talked about this on this episode and we just had to link it because, well, it’s pretty funny looking back and seeing how far we’ve come.  

Shake Shack Video - On this episode, Dr. Ben talks about the great piece of video content Shake Shack put out years ago that has stuck in his brain - and specifically, his taste buds. 

Peter McKinnon - One of Dr. Ben’s favorite follows online is this YouTube channel he mentioned on this episode. 

Some video content Dr. Ben has drawn inspiration from:

Taylor Swift’s Songwriting Process