#072: How to Produce Steak Imagery on a Hot Dog Budget

#072: How to Produce Steak Imagery on a Hot Dog Budget

14 Nov, 2022

Creating imagery for your business or brand might seem too expensive to tackle but trust us, you can dine like a king when your budget doesn’t match up. The SPS crews shares years’ worth of valuable tips to put your images and videos on the map - don’t miss this episode.

Notable links from this episode:

Canva Color Palette Generator - This is the tool referenced on this episode that helps the SPS team perfectly match colors for images and create color combinations to match their brand.

Canva - Design tool used extensively by the SPS team (and referenced on this episode) for a variety of projects.

Carbon Copy - On this episode, Dr. Ben specifically talked about the membership program he developed (and uses regularly) to deliver expertly designed templates that match brands everywhere.  

Shure (Microphones) - These are the amazing microphones used by Dr. Ben and the team use to produce music, audio content, and even the SPS podcast you love.