Building a "Buyers List": A Simple Lesson that changed my life forever.

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Just a warning... What you're about to read will be some of the most important advice I can ever give you. What you're about to learn, changed my life (and I hope you'll let it change yours).

This applies to anyone who sells Digital Products, Digital Agency Services, or anything that involves people giving you money for your expertise.

The Power of a Buyers List

Learning to Build a "Buyers List" changed my life. If you've been in business for very long at all, you've probably heard this a lot. "The money is in the list". What you may have missed is "what kind of list"?

That's the big secret.

The vast majority of the money that I make in all of my businesses comes from something called a "buyers list". A Buyers List is simply a list of past customers. These are folks that have already purchased something from you. In short, they've already paid you for something once. This list is infinitely more valuable than a list of people that just gave you their information so that they could get something from you for free.

All of the above is pretty basic...

But here's where "buyers lists" get interesting. I've made millions of dollars from selling cool stuff to folks that got on my "buyers list" because they initially bought a product that was under $10. That under $10 sale is powerful because it causes a huge separation in who you're marketing too. To be blunt... I spend most of my time marketing to people who have already bought something from me (instead of those that still haven't).

How do you Build a "Buyers List" Fast?

So... How do YOU pull this off in your Business?
(especially if you've never done it before)

The answer is happening on your Facebook feed, on TV, in the newspaper, and on tons of websites you visit daily... and you'll see it if you're paying attention. It's a powerful (albeit simple) funnel and I want to walk you through it. The simple "Buyers List Builder" Funnel (that the smartest businesses are already using)

  1. The $10 (Low Ticket) Purchase. This is typically done in the form of a book. The reason is that a book gives you the opportunity to explain how to do something to an ideal customer... while keeping their risk low. A book also positions you as the expert in a niche and immediately makes any of your competition look small in comparison to you. This single purchase is the gateway to millions of dollars a year for us and other online digital entrepreneurs.

    The Reason Most People don't have a Book:
    They don't know how to put a book together fast and they think that writing a book is hard. It isn't... if you know how to do it the right way.

  2. The $200-300 Over the Shoulder Program. Odds are high that you've bought one of these from me. This is a program that walks through the exact same thing that is in the book but with videos that explain everything a little more in-depth. We sell this as an immediate upsell to the book and as a long term drip sale for those that don't purchase it right away (but that got on our buyers list through buying the book). Around 20-30% of book buyers end up purchasing this too.

    The Reason Most People don't have a Digital Course:
    Just like the book... They don't know how to put it together fast and they think that creating a course is hard. It isn't... if you know how to do it the right way.

  3. The $5k-100k Coaching or Consulting Product. This is the program that we sell for those that want the results of everything that we taught in the $10 book... but they don't want to do the majority of the work themselves. This involves us helping them with their problem directly and is something that they pay us a lot of money to do. Around 1-2% of our book buyers end up purchasing this from us.

    The Reason Most People don't have a High Ticket Program:
    Simply put... they make it too hard. The high ticket program is just an "Agency". We're just delivering the services that we taught about in the book and digital program. You can build this fast, if you know how.

The Math Behind this Business Model.

If you're doing the math at home, for every 100 books that you sell, you're making around $1000. For every 100 books that you sell, you're making around 5-10k on the upgrade program. For every 100 books that you sell, you're closing at least 1 high ticket program (for 5k-100k).

That equals 10k-100k+ every month and 6-7 Figures per year... just for selling stuff that is inside one simple funnel.

This is happening every month all around you and... let's be real... the odds are that the folks selling this kind of stuff aren't as smart as you. The two advantages they have over you is that they are probably more organized than you right now and they know something you might not about how to create this kind of program. I'd like to remove their advantage over you...

If you're ready to build your own, you'll want inside of my new program.

Let's dig deeper and talk about Traffic.

How do you get targeted traffic to the book to build the buyers list? Here's the traffic plan: (just pick one and you're gold)

  • We do Facebook Lives and Facebook Videos that teach a simple concept that the target market is interested in (we just steal stuff from our own book so we don't have to come up with new topics). At the end of those, we send them to the sales page for the book to learn even more.

  • We have "how-to" Facebook Ads (that look suspiciously similar to the format of this email) that send them to the sales page for the book.

  • We Repurpose the Facebook Vids/Lives as Youtube Vids with a call to action and link to get the book.

  • IN SHORT... Everything we're doing moving forward sends folks to buy the book to learn more.

This is what I do to help entrepreneurs and brands every month (and they pay me a lot of money to help them get it set up).

The Big Opportunity for Anyone looking to build a Digital Business.

The world is a crazy place right now. In all craziness, however, lies an opportunity for those willing to put in the work. I'm doing a documentary about how we build everything that I just told you about above... in just 7 days.

This documentary and training is called "7 Days Until Launch".

It's something you need to be a part of. I cut a video to explain it here.

Go give it a watch and be sure to send me any questions you have. I hope you enjoyed the "behind the scenes" look at how this all works.

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