How we Close Agency Clients with a FB Group (with no face-to-face interaction)

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Do you ever feel like the sleazy salespeople and the spammers have ruined it for the rest of us? Are you ever frustrated that you have an offer that genuinely helps your clients, but they see your email and assume it’s ​just another sales pitch.​ They delete it without even giving you a chance. If they’d listen for just 30 seconds... if they saw the massive value you offer and understood how you make their problems go away... they wouldn’t think twice about paying you. It’s a no-brainer. But why is it so hard to get only 30 seconds of their attention?
You could send ​more e​-mails and ​more​ follow-ups, and hope one eventually gets through... but your account might get flagged as spam. You could go to their office in person... but you don’t have time to spend hours and days driving around to clients one at a time. You could run ads and try to get them to come to you... but costs can quickly spiral out of control. So what are you to do? Well you’re in luck, because I’m about to share with you my absolute favorite method for connecting with potential customers ​anywhere.​ And it’s the best of both worlds... you can make rock solid relationships as if you were in person, but you can do it from the comfort of your own home and no longer be limited by location. Let’s dive in..

The 2 underlying principles

The very first thing you need to understand is that ​sales are built on relationships. I say this all the time: we do business with people we know, like, and trust. And this is NON-NEGOTIABLE. But no matter how many times I say this, many of my students think “Yeah that makes sense... but I’m going to skip the relationship building step. Because I’m not selling my likability. My service provides so much value that it speaks for itself. If I can just show my clients how it works and how it helps them, they’ll say yes whether they know me or not.” Maybe it’s true that your service speaks for yourself. But if your customer doesn’t know, like, and trust you, you’ll never get the opportunity to talk to them about it. And here’s the thing... we like people and trust people that provide value to us. It’s called The Law Of Reciprocity and it’s how our brains are wired. It’s literally part of our biological chemistry going back to our tribal origins. So the best way to build a relationship with someone is to help them. You can’t say “Hey, let me tell you about my product, you’re going to love it!” They’ll instantly raise their defenses. Instead, you need to GIVE long before you ever ASK for anything in return.
But how in the world do you do that? You’re probably thinking... “My goal is to get 20 clients paying me $300/mo. That would be $6,000 in recurring revenue! If I can close 20% of my prospects, that means I need to get in front of 100 people... “How am I going to start 100 relationships?!?!”

Step 1: Create a Facebook page for local events

In order to build relationships with lots of prospects, we need an asset we can use to grab their attention. We need an “icebreaker” that gives us an excuse to start a conversation, and allows us to provide value to them. Here’s how we build such an asset... We’re going to create a Facebook page where we curate upcoming events in the community that we want to break into.
So pick your target location. It could be a region. Or a city. Or maybe even a neighborhood. Niche down to where your ideal customers are, so that you’re speaking directly to them. This will help you get their attention. Create a Facebook page and call it [Target Location] Area Events And News. Now go to and use the location section on the left to find all of the upcoming events for that area. Scroll through and pick out everything that will interest ​the customers of your customers. Let me repeat that just so that it makes sense. If your customers are massage therapists, we’re not building this Facebook page for massage therapists. We’re building it for customers who are looking for massage. Each time you find a good event, copy the URL and then post it on your page. The idea is to have a curated list of events. I believe that value balances out. So before you take value out of a local economy (get paid by customers that work in that area) you need to provide value into that place. And this events page does exactly that. Have you ever tried to dig through the newspaper to find fun things to do? You have to filter through hundreds of listings before you find a single thing that interests you. So putting together this curated lists provides a valuable service to your target location. If this step sounds simple... it’s because it is. It’s easy to try to overcomplicate it. DON’T. It really is as easy as it sounds. If you still don’t believe me, I actually have a video that shows you click-by-click ​exactly h​ow to do this. You can watch my screen as I build my own local events Facebook page. Normally this is part of an expensive training, but today I’m going to share with you a chapter of the course for free. ​You can watch the video here​.

Step 2: Call local business and offer to promote them

Once you have your events page done, call your target customers on the phone and ask them if they have anything they want to promote. You’re not calling as a business owner trying to close a sale. You’re calling to give them the chance to get in front of customers. And here’s a pro tip: if they don’t have anything to promote, ​give them ideas. They might say “Well, we’re a chiropractic office and we don’t really put on events.” This is a great opportunity to show your expertise. You can say “Well, I actually work with quite a few chiropractors, and here are some ideas I’ve seen work wonders.” (It could be events, promotions, open-houses, discounts, community initiatives, charity drives, etc.) Once they agree to promote something on your page, you want to transfer the conversation to email. The goal here is to start a relationship where you can contact them by email whenever you want, and they’ll open your email because they know you. So say something like “Great, what’s the best email to contact you at? I can send over details and we can finalize your post before it goes live.”
We actually have an exact script we use in our own advertising agency. We’ve refined this over months and years. It’s short and sweet but it works. You can download that script here.

Step 3: Grow the relationship through email

After your initial email, you need to maintain contact. You need to keep the lines of communication open, keep building the relationship, and keep your name at the front of their mind. Look for simple ways to reach out, like... “It’s been a month since the last promotion we ran. Would you like to run a fresh promotion?” Or you could say... “I don’t know if you saw this, but there were a few comments on your promotion post saying some nice things about your business. I figured you’d like to see it so I’m passing it along.”
You just want them to get used to hearing from you, and to associate your name with value. Every time they see your name in their inbox it’s because you’re helping them.

Step 4: Tell them about your service

Once you’ve established a relationship and they’re used to hearing from you, it’s time to tell them about your service. It’s easy to get nervous at this stage. “Oh my gosh I have to make a sales pitch!” But there’s one little phrase that makes this a seamless transition: “Have you guys ever tried...” That’s it. If it’s a dentist you could say “Have you ever tried offering teeth whitening to brides?” Or if it’s a massage therapist you could say “Have you ever tried promoting free massage packages for moms?” The answer will almost always be no, and this is a great chance to demonstrate your expertise again. “No problem, not many dentists are. But I have a couple clients that are ​killing it​ by offering these packages.” Now here’s the next transition... “If you’d like I could send you a video and show you how we’re doing it. My clients are seeing some big results, and I’ll show you how you can do it too.” At this point you’ve built a relationship and you’ve delivered value to them over a period of time... so what do you think the chances are that they’ll say yes? And here’s one more tip: I film one screen capture video, and then I film new intros and outros for each prospect. That way I can speak to the camera and address them by name. I edit the pieces together so it looks like I’m filming the video just for them, but it’s super fast for me to create because 90% of the work is already done.

The Secret To Effortlessly Closing Sales

Let’s do a quick recap: so far we’ve...
  • Figured out where our target customers are
  • Built an asset
  • Called and offered to promote our prospects
  • Started a relationship with someone in the office
There’s just one step left... close the sale. And this can be the most nerve-wracking part. “I hate feeling pushy!” But here’s how to take all the anxiety out of the pitch... get out of sales mode and get into education mode. Don’t worry about getting them to buy. Just focus on teaching them. Focusing on showing your excitement for your service. Focus on nerding out about what you do, and showing how fanatically you believe it can grow their business. Because here’s the thing... I promise you they don’t have time to implement the information you teach them. They’re busy enough as it is. And if you get them excited about what you have to offer, they’d rather just pay you to do it for them instead.
If I’m a dentist and you’re teaching me digital marketing, do you think I want to implement your advice and become a great digital marketer myself? Or would I rather see one extra patient per day and then pay you to do the digital marketing for me? And if your marketing sends more clients through my door every day, the answer is a no-brainer. I focus on what I’m good at, you focus on what you’re good at. Everybody wins. Now there’s one caveat to all of this... when you switch to education mode, you need to LOVE the service you offer, and you need to BELIEVE in it. You need to think that it’s the coolest thing ever. And you need to be able to talk ​passionately about it because you know it makes your customers’ lives better. If this isn’t how you feel about your current offer, check out my ebook ​Micro Service Millionaire​. It gives four services you can offer local businesses that are absolute game changers. If your services don’t elevate your heart rate... just grab a copy of this book. When you see the results you can generate, I promise your BPM will hit triple digits.

Next steps

You now have the exact formula for getting clients anywhere you want, no matter how far they are from you, and without having to travel to their office in person...
  1. Create a Facebook events page in their area
  2. Call them and offer to promote their business
  3. Grow the relationship through email
  4. Tell them about your service by saying "Have you ever tried..."
  5. Send them a video teaching them Once again, get the script here
The only thing left is to start taking action! So remember, you can ​watch my training video here​ to learn exactly how to create the Facebook events page. And you can get the phone call scripts here to learn how to talk to your prospects.
Once you have your first events page, you’ll be able to close several clients. And then with those profits, you can hire someone to create and manage an events page in a new geographic area. Soon you’ll have an empire that slowly takes over the world! I know it’s possible because this is one of the ways I’ve grown my own multi-millionaire dollar agency. So trust that the process works... trust that you have what it takes to make it happen... and go out and make your dreams a reality! Leave a comment below and let me know what questions you have. Good luck!

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