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Discover how to Build the Ultimate Professional Audio & Video Studio to Level Up your Business' Content Marketing.

Ready to Dive in and Create your own World Class Audio/Visual Creative Space in your own Home or Office?

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Here's what you're going to Learn Inside...

Part 1: 
The Full "Elite AV Studio Blueprint". 

You'll get a perfect sketched out guide of Ben' latest world class video studio with full setup and equipment list so that you can set up one yourself for yourself or a client.

Part 2: 
World Class Audio Explained.

You'll go behind-the-scenes and see exactly what Ben uses for pristine audio and how it's all wired together.

Part 3: 
World Class Video Explained.

You'll see the exact camera setup and wiring that Ben uses to get crystal clear video for his online content.

Part 4: 
Ben's Video Lighting Secrets.

You'll get an insider's look at the exact lights and room setup that Ben uses to get amazing visuals using a lighting rig that he controls from his phone.

Part 5: 
The "Elite Scripting Method".

You'll discover exactly how Ben maps out every content idea so that his videos come off as personal, informative, and professional every time (without taking hours to write a "traditional script").

Ready to Build the Ultimate Content Creation Studio in your Own Home/Office?

But that's not all...

If you're lucky enough to get a spot inside, you're also going to be getting access to these very special bonuses.

Bonus #1: 
Ben's "Editing Spice" Secrets.

You'll learn exactly how Ben crafts interesting motion graphic video intros and video chapter titles in his videos without having to hire expensive video designers (and how to get these done in minutes instead of days).

Bonus #2: 
The "Backdrop Wall Secret".

You'll learn the secrets behind what we put in our videos backdrop wall to make it dynamic and interesting (without pulling attention from the main content of the video).

Bonus #3: "
Creating AV Studios for Cash.

Learn how to get paid $5k+ to create an audio/video studio for other business owners using everything you've learned inside of the main program.

Bonus #4: 
A Start to Finish "Idea to Content to Money" Case Study.

You'll get a full walkthrough of how a simple idea was developed in the span of a day and turned into money in the bank using Ben's personal video studio.

Ready to Build the Ultimate Content Creation Studio in your Own Home/Office?

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Ben's programs are not for tire kickers or to just see the inside of the member's area. Ben's programs have helped to build multi-million dollar companies all over the world. These programs are for serious entrepreneurs who want to build real and sustainable businesses. With that said, we offer a 60 day money back guarantee instead of the typical 30 day guarantee. This is because we want you to have plenty of time to go through the program and put it into action. We do not give refunds to people who have not gone through the entire program. You must watch 100% of the program and put in the work for a refund request to be considered. 

That said, the 60 day guarantee is in place to give you plenty of time to go through the course and put everything into action. If it's still not a fit after you've done that, we are more than happy to buy the program back from you if you submit a request before 60 days.

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Ready to Build the Ultimate Content Creation Studio in your Own Home/Office?