#014 How I run my Membership Programs with Gamification.

Everything is better when you make it a game. On this episode, Ben walks you through how he turned his membership programs into a game (and how that game helped everyone inside become more successful).

#013 How to get more done with the “Batching Method”.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day, but some people just seem to be able to do so much more with their 24. On this episode, Ben walks you through how he’s able to get 3 months worth of work done in a week using his “Batching Method”.

#012 How I Structure Email Campaigns for Maximum Sales

Do you do email marketing in your business? Despite a lot of changes in the online world, email continues to be one of the most profitable ways to make more money in business today. On this episode, Ben walks you through the very simple (but effective) way that he writes email campaigns. 

#011 The “10% Rule” that every Entrepreneur Must Understand.

Do you ever feel like you’re putting in a ton of work, but you’re just not getting the results that you want? On this episode, Ben tells you about how he deals with the feelings of inadequacy and failure that come with being an entrepreneur.

#010 How to make a fortune with “Platinum Packages”.

What if you could take any product or service that you’re selling right now, make one small change to it, and make 10x as much money in your business every month, just from that small change. In this episode, Ben walks you through the power of adding a “Platinum Package” to your current product offerings.

#009 How to beat “Perfectionism” for fun and Profit.

The problem with trying to get everything perfect is that it usually keeps you from finding out what your business is really about. We spend so much time trying to make our products look and feel perfect, that we end up not putting out enough content and product to really dial in who we really are.

Episode #008 The “Math Problem” that changed my Business (and Life).

What if you could put $1 into a machine and predictably get $2 to come out. Wouldn’t you do it over and over again? On this episode, Ben walks you through how he figured out the “math” behind doing just that.

Episode #007 The Million Dollar Webinar (How it Happened)

Webinars allow you to sell your products to lots of people at the same time. In this episode, Ben walks you through his webinar promotion process and the webinar strategy he used to make a million dollars in sales in just 7 days.

Episode #006 How to Avoid Micro-Distractions and Get Things Done.

Do you ever feel like you lose half of your day to a bunch of tiny distractions? In business, micro-distractions are equal to death by 1000 cuts. In this episode, Ben walks you through how he beats them.

Episode #005: How to Make 20k in 7 Days with your Email List.

One of the secrets to my success as a Digital Entrepreneur has been the ability to create high quality content quickly. On this episode I’m going to show you how I trick myself into doing it every week (and how you can do it too).

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